Accelerate the Path to Discovery

Revolutionize the extraction process with Ecodyst.

The new standard in rotary evaporator technology.

Speed up the extraction process while saving time and money with Ecodyst.

The groundbreaking Ecodyst metal coil system cools to -35° Celsius in less than one minute, allowing rapid condensation of vapors and eliminating wasted time waiting for traditional rotovaps to chill. Chemists will have more time than ever to concentrate on more complex tasks, instead of being slowed down by the tedious process of preparation and maintenance involved with typical rotovaps. The possibilities for discovery are exponentially higher with the EcoChyll and ArctiChyll.

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Disruptive Technology


We are proud to to provide the best in quality & efficiency to our many happy clients

Historical remedy

A Safer Solution

Scientists that use traditional rotary evaporators are exposed to carbon dioxide and frostbite. The EcoChyll and ArctiChyll are designed to eliminate these hazards and create a safe environment in the laboratory. Thanks to our innovative metal coil cooling system, the Ecodyst family of rotovaps do not require coolants that emit harmful toxins into the laboratory during the evaporation process. Your health is priceless; that’s why your lab should make the switch to Ecodyst right away.

Loved by Many

  • “EcoChyll has been a great addition to our laboratory. We have been beyond satisfied with how much more efficiently and faster we can evaporate solvents using EcoChyll, and the fact that we don’t have to deal with the hassle of having a reliable and continuous source of dry ice, specially during the holidays. Additionally, we have been more than happy with the level and quality of customer service that we have received from Ecodyst!”

    Dr. Yasamin Moazami Postdoctoral Fellow, NC State University
  • “Replacing our dry ice/isopropanol condenser for the EcoChyll has made rotovapping much more convenient — we can leave the rotovap without having to worry about the condenser warming up.”

    Dr. Kevin Kou Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
  • “The [EcoChyll] interface was simple and intuitive, and it was very easy to use. I was surprised at how quickly it reached -40 degrees. It’s clearly a better alternative to using dry ice!”

    Fritz Seidi Graduate Student, Stanford University
Reaches -20°C in less than one minute
No added cost for antifreeze, water or dry ice coolants
Occupies 54% less space than traditional rotovaps
Reduces power consumption by 60% or more
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