George Adjabeng, Co-Founder.

Ecodyst was founded in 2013 by George Adjabeng and Kwabena Williams. After nearly a decade in big pharma, George set his sights on developing a world-class rotary vaporizer that brought a new level of productivity and efficiency to the science of extraction. Drawing intensely from his experience as a scientist for Roche and GSK, he developed a prototype of what would later become the EcoChyll.

With the EcoChyll now on the market, George Adjabeng continues to enhance his technology and improve upon its already best-in-class features. Ecodyst has now launched the EcoChyll X7 and the all-in-one ArctiChyll, introducing a new generation of rotary vaporizers that are a game-changer for laboratories of all sizes, across countless industries.


  • “EcoChyll has been a great addition to our laboratory. We have been beyond satisfied with how much more efficiently and faster we can evaporate solvents using EcoChyll, and the fact that we don’t have to deal with the hassle of having a reliable and continuous source of dry ice, specially during the holidays. Additionally, we have been more than happy with the level and quality of customer service that we have received from Ecodyst!”

    Dr. Yasamin Moazami Postdoctoral Fellow, NC State University
  • “Replacing our dry ice/isopropanol condenser for the EcoChyll has made rotovapping much more convenient — we can leave the rotovap without having to worry about the condenser warming up.”

    Dr. Kevin Kou Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
  • “The [EcoChyll] interface was simple and intuitive, and it was very easy to use. I was surprised at how quickly it reached -40 degrees. It’s clearly a better alternative to using dry ice!”

    Fritz Seidi Graduate Student, Stanford University

By Scientists for Scientists

With a decade of experience as a scientist for big pharma, Ecodyst co-founder George Adjabeng knows all about the flaws of traditional rotary vaporizers that slow down the extraction process and reduce productivity. TheEcoChyll and ArctiChyll improve upon every aspect of the process, providing better samples exponentially faster and more efficiently without exposing the chemist to health hazards such as carbon dioxide and frostbite.

Ecodyst’s disruptive technology will ultimately set new standards for laboratories worldwide and facilitate unprecedented discoveries in countless fields of research. The revolutionary EcoChyll is already in use by top chemists and laboratories at major universities in the United States, and it’s only the beginning.

“Our goal is to provide extraction laboratories with the best solutions possible to maximize productivity at a lower cost, while also creating a safer workplace environment.”
  • George Adjabeng
    George Adjabeng Co-Founder
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